Stop being the "best kept secret".

It's time for your organization to
be recognized as an employer of choice among top performers, permanently.

Give us 30 minutes of your time, and we'll pinpoint out on at least one actionable opportunity that your team can leverage in better attracting a diverse pool of top talents. 

(And if you like our roadmap, and organization needs more help implementing it, we'll chat about the logistics of how we can help). 

Within 2 minutes, Clair was able to identify a huge problem in our organization that's been plaguing us for YEARS. She gave us a solution that plays to our marketing team's strengths while delivering better results for our customers. 

- Ivy, Director of Marketing

We brought this heaping pile of confusion and Clair laid it all out. She saw through the muck and created a solution that would add additional $400k to our organization's bottomline. Thank you Clair for the work you do, I'm in awe of you. 

- Carole, Chief Executive Officer

Quantity is easy. Quality is hard.

Finding younger talents willing to work is not an issue. It is finding the top talents with right skillset BEFORE they get snatched up by competitors! 

You know that your organization is INCREDIBLE in every way-- culture, leadership, reputation in the industry.

Now you want top performers to see that. 

Because you know that once they see that and join your already-winning organization... They will fall in love, and stay.

The only "variable" seems to be "job hopping" tendencies and differing expectations.

Here's a great news.

We understand the mindsets of these top performers. We understand early-mid level professionals. We know their struggles. We know exactly what to do to leverage this "variable" to turn these passive top candidates into enthused candidates. 

Hi I'm Clair!

My team and I have worked with over 250 organizations of all stages internationally in decreasing operating expenses and turning them into industry superstars.

In helping HR leaders of medium-large enterprises in attract and retain top younger talents... We combine our consulting experience, lots of research, and many direct conversations with your top talents.

Leave "translating millennials and gen Z's" up to us. We'll help your team connect the dots!

Agenda For This Conversation

This 30-minute business development conversation is our first step. 

After we discuss your strategic objectives as a HR leader, and current / upcoming projects in your organization... We'll share our insights around:

  • what we've been noticing among top early-mid level talents that your team should know about when executing the projects you discussed
  • At least one opportunity (or an action step) that your team can leverage in more effortlessly meeting your department's strategic objectives

This will give you a clear road map of what to work on and what to watch out for. 

If you feel that we'll be a great fit, we'll set up a follow-up call to chat about how we can continue to work together and to iron out the logistics.